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Church Chair Welds

Quickly Determine the Quality of a Church Chair

 A Easy Tip when Determining Church Chair Quality

A very quick way to determine the quality build of a church chair is by the welds on the frame. If your in the market for a used church chair or a new church chair then simply flip the chair over and look at the cross member welds of joining welds. 

Worship Chair Welded frame. You can see its welded correctly.
A good church chair will have it welded all the way through, meaning you will not be able to see the exposed end of the metal as shown in this example. it means that they just didn't spot weld it and they went through it correctly. Most times this will also indicate that the rest of the chair, which his covered in fabric and wood will also be of good quality. 

A bad church chair will use spot welds. This means that its welded enough to keep the chair put together but its will not withstand a lot of weight. Additionally, you will notice the metal joins. Although small moisture can enter into the portion of the chair and it could (not always but it has been known to happen) start to rust away at the chair. Spot welding also means the chair was built not for quality but for the company to save money.  You find this sort of weld in cheaper church chairs offered online. Check out the Church Chair Reviews to learn more.  See the photo below.

Bad Church Chair Weld. You can see they spot welded.

Free and Used Church Chairs

Overpriced Used Church chair at $60
So I'm surfing around the internet over the weekend looking for some things for the house when I stumble upon an eBay ad for church chairs, used ones. What I found was that a church in New York, Macedonia Church in New York City to be exact. From the looks of it the church purchased Canadian (Yes its built in North America and a company can legally say its an "American" made chair- figures) - the ones that use nylon instead of Olefin fabric and they use plastic instead of real wood in the frames. What was amazing to me is the price, $60 each. Ouch! The average price of a church chair in the 21" form is $37.99, new. Yes new. Used church chairs, especially those on the used market that are nylon or polyester/cotton based will only fetch about $18 per chair, and it doesn't matter how old they are, be it 6 months or 5 years.  When you purchase a new car then trade it in or sell it a day later its technically used.

$35 New Worship Chair
The warranty on those chairs is 5 years, that's because of the polyester material and its not being able to withstand lots of double rubs also known as the Wyzenbeek test. This is a test where a machine will literally simulte standing up and sitting down over a period of time. The used chairs offer 60,000 double rubs which is honestly not that great. A typical Olefin based chair will exceed 200,000 double rubs and often go beyond the 250,000 double rub measure. Typically an Olefin church chair such as the Worship Chair brand chairs, Heritage Chairs, Victory Chairs, Legacy Chairs and the list goes onward, will offer a 20-25 year warranty on the frame and 10 years on the fabric, double the polyester fabric based styles. The fabric makes all the difference here.  As for the CAL 117, you only need that if you live in California as proposition 117 required churches and facilities to offer this flame retardant material. Otherwise your simply overpaying for a chemical in the foam that you simply do not need.

So the moral of the story is this, purchase an olefin based fabric, purchase one with a wood seat and frame (the plastic is a cheap alternative to wood and offers less support), and DO NOT overpay for a church chair. $60 is too much for a church chair, matter of fact that's even more than wood pews with an average cost of about $55 per same area. 
in this example why would you pay $60 for a used chair when you could get brand new ones for roughly $35.00 or less that have better warranties? 

Comparing Used vs. new Church chairs.

Deacon Chairs for the Church

Unfinished Deacons Chairs next to a Pastors Chair
Deacon chairs are sort of an in between of pastors or ministers church chairs and the normal everyday church chair that most people sit in. The overall design is based on the full sized pastors chair although it lack any arm rests. Its more of a symbolic reference really and the function of the chair doesn't effect anything. On the pulpit floor it simply is an identifiable feature as you start your way inward to the senior pastors chair you will be able to see that the chairs, in just about all series tends to become more elegant and taller until you reach the pastors chair. 

In the bishops chair series, this can be a bit different as the Elders chair is larger than the 69" tall bishops chair, but only by the width. The First lady's chair, sometimes called the Mothers Chair is the skinniest but its also quite large at 36" wide and 69" tall.  

Here is a rear photo of the chairs, to the left is the First Lady Chair and to the right is the Elder's Chair. Both are tall and majestic and both are heavy and wide as well. 

Regardless of which style your church prefers, deacon chairs are an important piece of furniture in the sanctuary for both modern and traditional services alike.  You should be able to find them in your local church furniture store or online. I would say that pricing depends on the store but in the traditional style deacons chairs you should pay somewhere around the $400 mark for the 2013 year. For the bishops collection series, they are much more expensive but you get a lot more chair for your money as well, stating at $895 upward at various locations.

The Offering Table

Offering tables are specially designed tables for traditional style churches where offering is placed during the church service. Recently however they have started to pop up in the more modern church as well as some churches as using these otherwise small communion tables in their selective services. 

Today were gong to talk about a few models on the market place and give them brief overviews. First off the the Model 407 Offering table made by Rocky Mount Wood Works. Its your run of the mill, most basic table.  Made of solid oak woods, its still a very popular design to hold offering plates and bags during service. Typically found one side of the church sanctuary, although sometimes in the rear of the church, they are used just during the offering ceremony, if you still have one. Its pretty basic for the most part, it says the word OFFERING which is inscribed in the front of the unit and it does feature an H brace at the bottom to help support the table so it doesn't carry a wobble to it. Oh, it also comes in 4 various standard stains, you can get it with a custom stain for a small up-charge however. Its only 36" wide which is what your looking for in a table, something small and compact. 

The 705 Communion table can actually be dubbed as a small offering table. With its compact spacing the unit is considered a hybrid model, made of both wood and acrylic, its 50" wide, its also made of solid oak wood 3/4" and it features a unique tampered column. I like the unit as its overall a part of a series called the ProClaimer Series Pulpit Furniture. Its a bit more expensive though, prices start at about $1,000 where the 407 is roughly $600.  Its still a lot of money to fork out for either model, especially when more and more churches are doing online giving or purchasing tithe boxes and placing them in the rear of the church for people to give freely. 

in either case, these two models are still popular among church homes and most of the models found today come to these two types, traditional or popular. Both are great for for their purposes and rightfully so.

Christmas Church Furniture Deal

Hey guys, I found a really great deal on the popular Metal Cross Church Pulpit. The guys over at has marked this item down 46% off this month and I highly recommend that you get this if your in the market for a church pulpit. Normally $649 there ($875 elsewhere), this is the same great durable unit that I talked about last year. 

Now until January 1st 2015 its just $349

You can find the deal here. You can also find the model elsewhere for a higher price

Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!

Metal Cross Pulpit details. 

The top and bottom base are finished in black. They are made from ¾” polymer ABS plastic that is tough and durable. The base measures 16” x 24” and the top measures 18” by 30”. It stands 43” tall on the low end and 45” on the high end.
The podium comes with a rubberized mesh top to help prevent Bibles and materials from slipping or falling. The mesh can be removed if desired. There is easy assembly required and the instructions are included. It comes in two boxes and weights approx 34lbs.

Learn More

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