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Do FREE Church Chairs Exist?

We tackle the age old question of free church chairs, put to rest the myths and provide you with some hard facts.

Pews VS. Chairs, Which Cost Less and what is better?

We talk about the benefits of metal chairs vs. pews, the overall costs and why church's love them!

What's the Hype about Baptistry Heaters?

Why ChurchRite heaters are great!

Coffee Style Church's

America's Church's are becoming more "Coffee Style" Church's with relaxed settings, Jeans and Tee's, HDTV's, Coffee and breakfast during services, church chairs mixed with tables and chairs.

Church Furniture Deals

We just found a really cool website called is a new website from Carolina Church Furniture that purchases in bulk items from manufacturers and then resells them at wholesale prices. While the website is small, it changes everyday and they feature some amazing pricing on items like chairs, pulpits and communion tables. I highly recommend that you check the website out and call them for actual photos of the items for sale. Its about time someone created a true discount outlet for church furniture.You can visit them by clicking the link above. You can also use their contact form or call their sales line at

Screen Shot of the new website.

5 Church Chairs Buying Tips

As you most likely know by now church chairs and church seating comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and price ranges across several brands and companies offering you their products. Today, I'm going to give you 5 great money saving tips on purchasing church chairs for your congregation.

The Worship Chair® in the mixed tan color
  1. Buy chairs already assembled. Most people don't think about this but truth be told some companies on the market offer a great price on their chairs, but you have to put them together. DON'T buy them. Whatever you buy, whomever you purchase from, only buy chairs that are already built. Not only will it save you a bunch of time from building them, but it'll save you a lawsuit should those those models ever break during services, trust me I have heard of plenty of them over the years. 
  2. Purchase a stock chair. About 90% of the market out there will purchase a stock chair. Stock church chairs keep the price point low, so if you can live with the colors the company offers, go for it. However, if your committee if dead-set on some strange color that honestly no one is going have or some select shade that has to match the carpet or whatnot, then expect to pay more, a LOT more. In some cases just one shade color difference from a stock color can cost you nearly 40-60% more than a stock item. Chances are people aren't going to notice if a color is not 100% match and its certainly not why people come to church. Trust me on this, purchase stock. 
  3. Take advantage of free delivery for church chairs if you can. Certain companies like the Church Furniture Store for example have their own trucks and they travel to 15 states where they offer free shipping purchasing 100 or more chairs. This can save you anywhere from $200-$1,500 depending on where you live. Its a money saver and there are several companies that offer this so ask. 
  4. Make sure your chairs have a good warranty. You would be surprised to know that select chairs on the market today have very limited warranties in what they offer. Remember cheaper chairs, lower warranty. Generally speaking you will want to find those seats that carry a 20+ year frame warranty and a 10+ year fabric warranty. Also, warranties are for defects, not for things that happen to the chair because of abuse. 
  5. Finally, choose a chair that has been in the industry a while. While newer designs sometimes cost less, if you ever want to purchase the same model and the same stock color years down the road, it will be a good idea to buy from someone that has a durable and popular chair model. you can easily research these worship chairs online. 

Church Pew Repair

This is a great question from Chris in Minnesota. He contacted us and wrote: 

I work at a Catholic church that has old wooden pews and kneelers. We are looking for ways to improve or replace the kneelers. They are very noisy when slamming down. I can't find any businesses who do this. I would appreciate having some leads.

Thanks for contacting us Chris. I would recommend using services of the Church Furniture Store. They offer a division that solely dedicated to not only church pew repair, but replacing the kneelers as well. Their pew refinishing department can not only repair or replace them, they should also be able to come onsite to install them as well. 

Personally, I would recommend looking into getting them refinished along with the pews themselves simply because the wood stain will not be 100% identical to your current pew set. Over time, wood tends to bring out the internal oils and make any satin naturally become darker over time. Its why weathered wood becomes a mushy grey color after a while on a deck or fence. Inside wood pieces do the same thing but because of them being inside, it takes longer to change color. 

They company should also be able to replace or repair any fabric that might need to be redone as well as new foam that may need to be replaced in the process. I would get in touch with them and ask them about those services. 

There are other services in the USA that offer repair however I like the guys at CFS because they have more reasonable pricing than most other companies do. Depending on time of year and scheduling, pews can be repaired back to new ones in just a matter of a few weeks. 

Because your dealing with Kneelers, it should be a much faster process than if you were to redo the entire pew. I would also have someone take a look at your pews to see what sort of shape they are in. Generally, taking a few photos and emailing them to the sales rep should be able to determine not only what type of pew they are dealing with but the current overall state of the church pew. Take lots of angles, front, rear, underneath, the church legs, kneelers, etc.

I hope this helps point you in the right direction Chris!

God Bless~

3 Sure Fire Ways to Save on Church Furniture

One question I tend to get a lot of is how can the church save money on church furniture? Listen, everyone wants nice furniture for their church home or sanctuary that's a given, but there are 3 ways that you can actually save a few bucks and come out ahead as well. Today, I'm going to share those 3 things with you so you can try them out for yourself when your looking for church chairs and church furniture.

#3 Seek out Factory 2nds

Although they are first come, first serve, asking about any factory seconds might be a good way to save some money on items like a church pulpit or a minister chair. These might be items that were showroom samples or perhaps they are one offs, meaning they have a slightly different color stain or they might have a crack or chip in them, but otherwise they are still very useable and in great condition. You have to check back almost on a daily basis with companies like Blue Ridge Church Furniture in order to take advantage of this. Additionally companies like Commercial Refinishers in NC can help get you great deals on refinished church pews and the line as well. 

#2 Pay by Check

Did you know that come companies allow you to pay by check and you can save some money on church chairs? Places like Heavenly Pulpits of North Carolina and ChurchMart of Virginia have programs where you can save $1 per church chair if you pay with a bank certified check. That would literally save you hundreds alone just on the cost.

#1 Shipping Cost

Want to save on shipping? I recommend purchasing form companies like the Church Furniture Store that have the free shipping zone offer or that have free shipping on pulpit set like the Pulpit website. These companies offer a great way to help save hundreds of extra dollars on shipping costs and I highly recommend checking them out if your looking to save. Additionally another way to save the shipping is to simply pick up the items yourself, although it might be difficult if you live in Georgia for example and your picking up at a warehouse in VA.

Best Way to Save on Church Chairs

So here is an industry secret that will literally save you $1 on each church chair that you purchase. Now a dollar off a new church chair doesn't sound like much but trust me when your buying 100 or 1,000 chairs every bit helps!

The folks over at Blue Ridge Church Furniture, the value leader for church furniture is now offering this great savings at and when you pay with a certified bank check.

This includes all of their chairs brands, the nationally popular Worship Chair®, Freedom Chair, Heritage Chair, Victory Chair and Banquet Chairs line. In order to take advantage of this great deal you have to pay ahead of time with a certified bank check and here's another secret, they offer free delivery to select states that they travel too using their own fleet of box trucks. If you live within those states you can save even more on the chairs, you will have to contact them on what those states are and the minimum requirements for the free delivery program. 

I personally recommend that Worship Chair® as I often compare it as the Cadillac of chairs when it comes to features and price.

Here is a list of things that I recommend when it comes to saving money on church chairs. 

  • Buy stock colors, custom colors will cost on average $8-14 MORE per unit
  • Ask about the FREE Delivery program and check to see if you can get them delivered to your church for free. I have found that churches on average save roughly $700 through the program. 
  • Pay with a bank check. It doesn't cost you anything for it and it will save you $100 or more if you purchase 100 or more chairs. 
  • If your planning on ordering more than 150 chairs I highly suggest a chair dolly. These can NOT be found in traditional hardware stores and they are specially built with wide lips that can handle several chairs at once. 
  • Plan on getting your chairs within 4-6 weeks. These things ARE HEAVY and BULKY and they often times require a tractor trailer to get them to your church. It takes time so just be aware of that when purchasing.


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