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Pews VS. Chairs, Which Cost Less and what is better?

We talk about the benefits of metal chairs vs. pews, the overall costs and why church's love them!

What's the Hype about Baptistry Heaters?

We put to rest some false rumors put out by a "manufacturer" and his blog post.

Coffee Style Church's

America's Church's are becoming more "Coffee Style" Church's with relaxed settings, Jeans and Tee's, HDTV's, Coffee and breakfast during services, church chairs mixed with tables and chairs.

ChurchRite vs. Little Giant

We finally did a comparison on both Immersion Heaters and found them to be the same with just a couple of minor differences. See what we found when we did the homework for you!

Its Not About The Bunny...

Happy Easter and God Bless~

Last Minute Baptistry Heaters before Easter Rush

If your in the market for baptistry heaters right now your finding that just about everyone in the business is currently out of them. Lucky for us, we've been digging around the web and talking to manufacturers and dealers and have found a couple of places that still have a few in stock and YES you CAN GET THEM BEFORE EASTER IF YOU ORDER NOW!

Here's the low down on what we have found for you but better hurry these too will be gone very soon! has the following for sale right now (subject to change VERY quickly):

Baptistry Heater- ChurchRite - Immersion 240V 29 units in stock

Baptistry Heater- ChurchRite - Poolside PL240 1 unit in stock has the following items in stock (again subject to Change VERY Quickly)

Baptistry Heater- ChurchRite - Immersion 120V w/ GFCI 17 Units in Stock

Baptistry Heater- ChurchRite - Immersion 120V 1 Unit in stock
Baptistery Heater- ChurchRite - Basic Circulation CR6kw 37 Units Left in Stock
Baptistery Heater- ChurchRite - Basic Circulation CR11.5kw 25 Units Left in Stock

Generally speaking baptistry units during this time of year run out but luckily we have found these places which do have a few left. Better hurry and contact them before they are out of stock, meaning that your out of luck before the Easter Rush!

God Bless~

Church Furniture and the Easter Rush

So we know that its not all about the bunny.... its about Jesus Christ. Its a time to share with others the great news about God and his everlasting love for each and everyone of us here on the Earth, how awesome is that!

I really take a lot of pride having had my hand in the church furniture business over the years because I saw what awesome things the Lord has done throughout the world in churches I quite frankly never heard of before. 

Today I'm going to let you in on a little secret about the church furniture industry. If your in the market for furniture and want it before Easter, YOU'RE NOW IN THE EXPIATED RUSH. What that means is that there is currently a thinning of stocked items on the market, chairs, baptistry heaters, pulpits and the like. While you can still find them at this point, expect to pay more in shipping and expect a lot of other churches to be looking for that same item that you so greatly want for your Sunday service. In some instances you are already too late, heaters for example have been flying off the shelves like they always do and all the heater companies right now are scrambling to build new ones before Easter.

My advice to you is to check out the church furniture companies and make a purchase NO LATER than 4-11-2014 this Friday. You will also need to pay for the expatiated shipping charges if you want to try and get it before Easter. You should also note that the companies do not guarantee delivery before Easter at this point, they simply won't. Freight carriers, although can expedited an order, they never give out actual dates like UPS or FedEx will. Your best bet for purchasing church furniture BEFORE Easter was in Early March, at this point your sort of past the line of no return. 

Now if you don't care when it arrives, be it before or after the Easter Rush, then you won't have anything to worry about, your items will arrive just as they normally do and you will save yourself some money in the long run. 

Buy an Affordable Podium

Purchasing a church podium that you can afford is much easier than you think and there are several options. Today we going to talk about the quality podium models with price ranges for under $499. Like the larger pulpit counterparts, podiums are designed to be speaking stands where you can place your bible, notes and other reading materials during a teaching or speaking service.Its the basic function of a speaking stand, be it for pulpit or podium use. Here are some models we highly recommend for purchase. 

Announcement Stand 720

This announcement stand is from the ChurchMart® Company in Virginia. It has a starting price of $349 but what really makes this model unique is that the stand part is curved unlike other wooden models found on the market today.  Its very lightweight and portable just like all the models mentioned but we digg this model because of its curves plus its made of real wood. Its 42" tall and its roughly 30 pounds. 

Speaker Stand Model 48

Heavenly Pulpits is another company that offers a wooden speaker stand called the model 48. This model is a bit different and takes more of a traditional approach with its design using just a solid block of wood. Its is cheaper than the 720 model mentioned above with a price of about $289, its made of solid oak but its a bit heavy with 38 pounds. We do like this model but its a plain jane, no frills sort of podium. If your looking for a basic model this is your best buy here. Don't expect to be wowed with it but again its a great price for what you get. And yes, it does come in various stains like the 720. 


Modern Speaker Stand Model 711

For those that are looking for an eye appealing, low priced podium at a good price then we recommend looking at the Model 711, podium from the Exhorter series of pulpits. This stand features an acrylic center piece with an vinyl cross inlay and it matches the current full sized series. For about $320 this would make a great little podium to have in just about any room or hall in your church. Its new for the 2013 year and also comes in a few stain choices ranging from Light-Dark Oak and even a new white/oak wood finish. 

Aluminum Church Cross Podium Model 1400

Finally, the only metal podium to make our list this year is the Metal Cross Pulpit. This model runs a bit more for your price topping in at around $489 and its made from both a curable and hard ABS poly base material and aircraft grade aluminum. Its not only the most modern looking of all the podiums but people have rated it the most eye catching for the price as well.  Its reaches 45" tall on the front end and 43" on the back end where you stand and also features a removable rubber mesh top that helps hold items in place like bibles and other reading materials.

There are several items to choose from when looking at podiums and these are just a few of the value priced leader in the church furniture market today. A few key things to remember about purchasing a podium include: 

  • Value - Make sure that its priced just right. Generally a good price point for a podium is $300-$499.

  • Quality - Whether you choose wood, metal or acrylic make sure that it is a reputable model on the market today. 

  • Know the difference in a pulpit and podium. Pulpits are designed for sanctuaries and podiums are designed for classrooms, fellowship halls and smaller speaking areas. They can also be used in hotels, conference rooms and even bingo halls. 

      This Deal may have expired and the church furniture company offering this deal are not obligated to offer the deal at the special pricing now that it may have expired. Check the respective company for more details.


Churches Pulpit Deals

We've been looking around and have found a couple of really great church pulpit deals going on this month for Pastor's Appreciation Month. Below are some models and information on the deals and where you can score them at.

Exhorter 777 Pulpit
The guys over at Church Furniture Store have some great fall savings going on with the Exhorter Pulpit series. Right now you can get their brand new 777 Model Pulpit made of both wood and acrylic for just $995, not bad as the MSRP is $1,095. The Exhorter is somewhat like the popular ProClaimer series that they manufacturer but with smoother lines. 

Were not sure how long the deal is going on for but were sure it will change soon. Here is the link for this great little church pulpit deal.

Speaking of Deals, Heavenly Pulpits is having a great deal right now on Worship Chairs®. Right now you can get their 21" chair that comes with just about all the bells and whistles for $33.50 each, that's when you pay with a certified bank check. Its a pretty great deal considering they normally run about $37-39 each. If you live in their free shipping states you can get free delivery but only when you purchase 100 or more. Check out their page for more details. 

Podiums Direct currently has a great deal on the Disciple Church Pulpit which normally runs about $1,200. You can get this hybrid model at the moment for just $995. It features a very thick 1" acrylic top as well as the three cross acrylic center piece. There is an additional charge to put your church logo on it although the 3 cross design is included in the price. You can also get free shipping on this limited time offer. Check out the deal here

Finally for those that have been searching for a church chair dolly that actually works, ChurchMart® has exactly what you need. This dolly can support upwards of 250 lbs and can stack up to 10 chairs and move them around in one action. Unlike a church chair cart, the dolly is designed to move heavy loads of chairs easily. You can get the deal right now for just $99 bucks although shipping is fixed because of the weight and unusual size of the dolly.  

Prices are reflected during the time of this post and may change over time. We are not responsible for those changes and companies will not honor prices on our website. We are helping to promote these sale items free of charge. 

This Deal may have expired and the church furniture company offering this deal are not obligated to offer the deal at the special pricing now that it may have expired. Check the respective company for more details.

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