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Do FREE Church Chairs Exist?

We tackle the age old question of free church chairs, put to rest the myths and provide you with some hard facts.

New Facebook Group Page

We just launched a new Facebook Group, Post questions, get answers, talk with other churches to see what they do and get inspired!

Is your Church Dying or Growing? An Industry Leader and Authority on Church Furniture speaks

People often inquire to about the different church chairs, church furniture or the providers of the furniture with important questions in regards to purchasing. Our company is not bias or intent on directing clientele to one entity over the next. We like to simply provide the information that is needed so you can make an informed decision about your congregations needs.

Recently we spoke with Thomas Phelps over at ChurchBudget regarding sales and leaderships of one of the newest internet sites from a company that is a leading authority in the church furniture market today.

Thomas indicated a strong increase in the sale of church chairs by one particular company and its dominant position in the industry. "We are a top Leader, really the Authority on Church Furniture and specifically, Church Chairs in todays market." Thomas stated.

Thats a hard accomplishment or a rather bold statement Thomas, what is it that makes you the think one particular company is rated higher than an another when it comes to the purchase of church furnishings and goods? " See thats just it," stated Thomas, " Corporate bodies today are dishing out a huge amount of dollars in website marketing but are only scratching the surface when it comes to truly understanding what the churches objectives are," and what are those objectives Thomas?

"The church is trying to spread its gospel to as many people far and wide as possible. Sure it has a business objective and that is where some companies favor higher than others, especially when it comes to understanding the congregations needs for the sanctuary, for instance, churchfurniture1 is a great example of a new website from a christian company that understands church objectives and they have begun to develop and dominate the market based on the strong beliefs and moral character that every business needs from its customer service aspect which places them in the top position, according to FORBES for consulting as a leading authority on the church furniture industry."

Let us get to the real nitty, gritty so to speak, what is it that makes them the leading authority on Church Chairs or any church furnishings for that matter?

"Well, it comes down to people, something I dont think that the large corporate structures understand. It is more than making money or managing a business, I never sold to a church, I never ever managed a single company, it was always, people, I sincerely managed people." said Thomas. "David Atkinson for instance a field rep for CF1 (see and is the number 1 salesman not only for that company but for many of the industries he navigated from, his insight is invaluable and industry experience has a proven track record of helping churches grow. If you were to ask him, he would tell you that this is due to the Almighty, leading him through times he could not carry himself."

"This simple difference is the reason compassion and education works in this particular market and a consultative approach is more reputable than a inflated marketed sense of price gouging and hidden catches led with flashy dollar sign savings. We believe that the honest, humble and straight forward presentation of  industry trends backed up by factual product differences is enough to provide the tools for one to gather enough information so that, not too unlike your own philosophy, the customer can make an informed decision." said Thomas.

Interesting enough Thomas, we thank you and if you are interested in understanding more about budgeting or purchasing new equipment for your church remodel or new building, fill out the form here and we will get you pointed in the right direction to help your churches memberships grow, find out more on how to at 800-395-6811 and always thank you and God Bless.

Church Chair 1 enjoys bringing the church member and organizations all the latest information on deals that are in the church furniture industry currently. We provide vital information for the congregation looking to purchase Church Furniture in a timely and reasonable fashion. Part of our job is not only to educate but help promote good deals when we see them. The following information was found on another great Educational tool Church Budget. This was something we thought we'd help share by re-posting the information for your church to make an informed decision.

Church Budget has kept up with showing retailers who are really the leader here  in the industry when it comes to pricing out and discounted quality chairs in both sales and service. A great small business blog designed to inform the customer and teach them about church furniture happenings, theyre leading the way in education and sales here in 2016 and we thought you would want to be a part of that as the market is constantly changing. We admire the chair deals that seem harder and harder to find in regards to a quick and affordable sanctuary seating option. This particular chair was interesting, well structured affordable and in stock with reasonable delivery time frames.

The Church Chair 1 is one of the better quality chairs on the market we have seen, with construction at the higher spectrum (don't worry, warranty guarantees) and its availability in 3-4 weeks for in stock colors shown at the bottom of this page are as follows AW05 Dark blue, AW16 Maroon, AW101 Mixed Tan, AW19 Charcoal, AW21 Black and AW29 Espresso otherwise 6-8 weeks on alternate color and the other various fabrics available (note: not all fabrics are shown). 

This chair is a staple in the worship church chair series. Made by an American company that has become a staple in the church furniture industry, this chair has a lifetime frame warranty, and 15 year foam warranty (fabric is 10) and has many options such as card pocket and book racks. Featuring specialized cold cured foam as an up charge, this chair is across the board the best value on the market and the best availability as well as quality. Chair available in multiple fabric colors call for details 800-395-6811 or click here
*Custom Fabric Shown

  • Multiple Fabric Options
  • 1" 18 Guage Steel cross Members Frame T-Nut Construction
  • 3" Dual Density/Cold Cured Foam, 1.5" on Back with Lumbar Support
  • 21" Wide x 22" Deep
  • Stackable and Gangable (Hooks Together Flush)
  • Plywood seat 1/2"
  • Warranty Included
Fabric Card is from the Jabez Collection and the Fabric has its own 10 year warranty:

EASTER IS MARCH 27th, 2016 Tips for ORDERING NOW!!

I have news News News news today, and its about the coming of Easter Sunday March 27th 2016!! Thats right Easter Sunday is almost a week if not seems 2 weeks earlier than I have remembered seeing it. Time is of the essence in remembering to allow yourselves enough time to receive church chairs this year.
Easter March 27, 2016

Now that is a wonderful thing but if you are a church planning on getting church chairs such as The Church Chair, Worship Chair or The Praise Chair then you may want to order now, as in Today!

This week will be the last week of new order production for much of the imported chairs this year and what that means is Chinese New year is going to run through February and production will not pick back up until March with Easter Holiday being the last Weekend of March, it will be here before you know it and with most of these chairs oversold and on Back order (12 Week) typical time frames, you would need to have ordered by This week to get chairs by Easter...

The Phones are ready at many retailers, we noticed Churchfurniture1 is running a sale on chairs, give them a buzz or Click here and we will get you in touch with people who can help you organize a chair order by the Easter Holiday!

Clergy Chairs

So there are a number of different manufacturers of Church Furniture and Church Chairs. We have explored and reviewed most of them. Chairs is one thing but Furniture, quality Furniture is a whole other ball game.

Wood Church Furniture is made to various specifications and with numerous aspects in mind in regards to design. There are cheap furniture made poorly and there is very luxurious Church Furniture made to please the Lord himself, after all nothing is too great for God!

The Clergy Chairs by Churchfurniture1 are some of the better made wood furniture on the market today and though resold by this company the chairs appease any expert of wood church furniture products on the market. These chairs of oak are available in the new Stage Combo as well as individually and you can purchase as many as you need.

These chairs are offered in various stains and finishes and 2 designs. Allow 6 weeks for production as you are planning to buy and like most church furniture products you need to pay in full and the front end of the purchase. these chairs can also be custom made to fit any decor you have in mind and at Just $459 a piece (shipping not included) they are a steal for the value, so if your church is in the market for Church Clergy or Minister chairs be sure to get in touch with us as the different heights, widths and styles of this chair at that cost is a no brainier Click here if interested and we will get you in touch with someone to help place a order on this wonderful church product.