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Church Furniture Warranties

Various church furniture companies offer different warranties when it comes to their products. Over the years I have seen for example one line of church chairs that offers a 20 Year warranty on the frame while a competing church chair company offers just 2 years on the exact same product. Often times your warranty has to do with the product but also it sometimes has to do with the company your dealing with as well. 

Today were going to talk about a few various things with warranties as no two are a like within our industry. You, the church goer might not care about sure things but on rare occasion, and it does happens a bit, something goes wrong because of quality control issues, I mean hey no one is perfect and sometimes things happen, not just in church furniture but in all aspects of life. 

Wyzenbeek Machine testing fabric.
One of the interesting things that I'd like to point out here is with church chairs as well as church pews. These two items have a two part warranty, unusual for most products these days. The first part is for the fabric. Generally you will find that the better quality types of fabrics like Olefin (my favorite) and Nylon tend to have much better warranties than cotton based of Polyester based fabrics. That's because fabrics wear out over time, its just that some wear out much better than others. As I have spoke about they use the Wyzenbeek double rub test to test out the durability of their fabrics. The longer it last in the test, the longer the warranty. 

Spot Welded Church Chair
The other part is the warranty is the frame. Solid wood church pews that are stained will often times carry a shelf life of 50 years or more, some even give you a lifetime warranty on the church pews, a very impressive feat, although its doubtful a church will never ever change their decor in a 100 year time span. For church chairs the metal frames vary depending on the quality of the build. Fully welded frames outlast spot welded frames and chairs that are powder coated often times have longer warranties for those that are not. If you can see a line where two pieces of metal join together, then more than likely its a spot welded frame, something you want to stay away from if possible.  Chairs where you see no line are called fully welded frames, the more it has, the more it holds, thus being a better built chair and carrying a better warranty. Spot welded chairs carry a 2-5 year warranty depending on the manufacturer while fully welded chairs can be 10-20 years. 

For items like fiberglass baptistries and steeples, warranties tend to be different for the application. Baptistries that are small will have roughly a 1 year warranty against cracks and leaks, where a steeple might have a 5 year warranty against the same thing. It simply depends and you will need to check the warranty from the church furniture dealer or manufacturer that your buying from. 

For items such as baptistry heaters, most carry a 12-15 month warranty. That is for defects in the heater. Fault of your own is not covered, things like incorrectly wiring the units or running them without water (called a Dry Burn) is not covered by the manufacturers. Oh, and if you think you can sneak one by on them, they all have testing facilities where they can actually determine the cause of operation malfunction. I have seen many churches try to return heaters saying they were defective only to find out that they ran the heaters without water and it burnt out the element.

Here are a couple of good tips when thinking about your warranty. 

  • Ask about it. Companies are not going to come right out and tell you, its not a selling point for most. 
  • Compare the warranty against other companies in the same product line. How do they match up. If its within the same reasonable length and coverage then its most likely good to purchase. For example a 12-16 month warranty on a baptistry heater is OK, but should you find someone that offer's just a 3 month warranty, then I would be suspect and stay away from it. 
  • Ask if the warranty is included with the cost. I have seen a couple of companies within the industry charge just to have one. (This is not to be confused with companies that offer extended warranties)
  • And yes, ask about purchasing an extended warranty. Some companies offer them for very little money. Its a great way to offer insurance on a product that if chance something does go wrong, your covered.

Churches Needing Church Chairs

It seems that everyone wants to get something for free theses days, be it through a coupon code of some sort, tossing in a paint chip stick with a new car or even getting some free swag at an event like a coffee mug or tee shirt. 

Many churches are actually the same way like you or I, each has their own needs. Some great some are small but they always seek out free church chairs or free church furniture before reality sinks in place. 

Truth be told there are lots of business gimmicks that we have talked about over the last years here on the blog, such as the free church chair sample. Bottom line its not really free, the price and then some is padded in the overall cost of the chairs that you purchase. Free really isn't free here trust me. 

Churches will often seek free items through websites like the ever popular, a website ministry that helps connect churches with other churches looking for used, sometimes church furniture. Even the freebies they list on their website are going to cost you time and some money for delivery. Pews themselves are large and heavy, moving them from one state to the next could cost a couple of hundred bucks upwards to a few thousand. 

There are some things you can take advantage of like free shipping. Some companies like ChurchFurniture1® for example offers free delivery within select states, that's because they own and operate their own fleet of trucks. The idea is to load up a truck with several orders, some paid shipping, some did not. Your bumming a free ride from another churches order sometimes, it can be a great thing saving upwards of $1,500 just in shipping alone. 

The best thing to do for those used or free items is to rent a truck and ship them yourselves. As I've talked about here before, you literally get what you pay for, I have seen free pews that are worn but in good shape and I have seen free ones that look great but are in dire need or repair because of poor quality they were built with. Just be careful. 

As for companies that offer or manufacturer new church furniture, they are not going to hand out thousands of dollars worth of furniture for free. And no, most do not get a tax write off like you would think, that's because churches themselves are tax exempt, so they can't pass along the tax benefit back to Uncle Sam. People often try to tell church chair manufacturers this and it never works. 

Here area few tips I recommend if your looking for free church furniture. 

  • Check Used Pews websites for their freebie listings
  • Beggers can't be choosers so don't ask a church to ship them to you or to give you some money to help repair them. 
  • Pray. Its the best thing you can do. God will ultimately help you provide the items he wants your church to have, so relax. 
  • Try to arrange delivery through church members rather than hiring a moving company. It will save you tons in cash. 
  • If possible inspect before you buy. Photos are great but checking under a seat or pew can show what its really made of. Wood is good, particle board means it will be weak and it breaks easily. 
  • Stay away from free church furniture areas where hurricanes, tornado's and flooding happened in recent years. 
  • Ask why the church is giving the furniture away. Maybe they are upgrading or moving. Their stuff could be great to own or they could be placing their problems on you. I have seen churches get free pews and chairs only to find out they needed $3,500 in repairs, the total cost of brand new chairs.

Best Name Brand Church Furniture

When your looking on the market for church furniture there are many brand names. But honestly whats in a brand name anyway? To some it means quality, others it means status but for the majority of the church furniture industry, name has meaning. Take ChurchRite® for example. The name has two meanings, first, its the right thing for the church to do, i.e. purchase their product but it also means the rites of the church. 

Companies have come up with some great brand names over the years, but a great question that continues to pop up here is this, "What are some great Brand names when it comes to buying church furniture?"

Well, I personally like companies within our industry to have a few things to be considered good in my opinion. 

First is longevity. I love to see companies that have been on the market for some time. Fly by night websites are not something I personally enjoy seeing, especially those micro-sites filled with 1-10 pages of fluff. That reminds me of the person that stands on the street corner with an arrow waving it around, trying to get you to come in and purchase something. 

I also like a Christian Owned and Operated company. CO&O's are companies within our industry that have a faith based background. If my church was going to spend mountains of money for a quality product in return, I would want them to be Christian based. In the church furniture industry, some are, some are not. 

Quality is another factor I look for in in brand names. I'm talking about good products, great staff to talk too, ease of purchase, good reviews, quality of the products and so forth. 

Below are my top recommendations when it comes to church furniture brands. They are random order and they are for us, the best of the best. 

Worship Chairs®

This is a brand that has stood out among other church chair companies. They have a family approach when it comes to providing great chairs and seating. Additionally they offer only the best types of products with their own designs, although you can now find copies of them at just about every location on the web. They were the first to pioneer the online sales of chairs by offering up front prices on their website before anyone else, not to mention being the first to offer church chairs for less than $40 when everyone else sold them for $60+.  Today the brand can be found at over 150 various companies through the US and abroad and the brand also carries with it their general labels, such as the #1 Church Chair and The Church Chair. 


This is a brand that is been around the block for the last 5 years or so. The company sprung up because of the Little Giant company in Texas raising their prices suddenly in 2009 to everyone of their dealers in the United States and yet, offering the same product for less, selling direct to the public for the first time. 

The brand took existing designs and improved on them, becoming a leader for 21st century technology like the GFCI outlet being placed on-board their Immersion heater. Taking a lead in offering small little features like that has made them become a great industry leader, so much so that LG has followed suit with their products and has even been playing a pricing and mud sling war with the company. I recommend them for anyone looking to replace their existing baptistry heater or searching for a new model. 


Known as BRCF to some, the company is based in Rocky Mount, Virginia and they play a very important role in the church furniture Industry. Not only do they manufacturer their designs (Yay American Mode!) but they also offer hundreds of stock designs and custom work as well. From church pews to communion tables and wall crosses and pulpits, they have a full staff of master craftsmen that build fine quality church furniture at very low prices. 
They also have a dealer network of roughly 200 businesses across the nation that offer their products to over 350,000 churches nationwide. That's pretty impressive to us, plus they are a well known company in our industry. Some people like them, some do not. But hey, its really up to the church to decide on what to purchase and where to purchase it from. 

Of the companies on the marketplace today, those to me are the best of the best. I like their products, model line ups, pricing and even their Christian grace. When you have a minute check out their respective websites to learn more about each one.

Overall Cost of Church Furniture

Church members and leaders email me or call me all the time asking me what should they budget for their church remodel or expansion. Its really hard to give out a flat answer simply because every church is a bit different when it comes to decor, size and their own needs. However I can give you sort of a run-of-the-mill answer here and I can try to break down some of the more popular items that churches generally get these days. It should help you get an overall picture of what to expect for those newbies looking for church furniture, church chairs or perhaps both. 

Church Pews - Avg $15,000 base cost

Church Pew being built by ChurchFurniture1
Pews are out, lets face it. Sure they are sturdy and last forever if you take care of them, but you can move them around and and make your sanctuary more versatile with weddings, baby showers, kids programs, VBS and the like. Not to mention its much cheaper to go the metal church chair route and they are more comfortable too. But for those that are still interested in pews lets have a run down.  Some church pews start at about the $45-50 mark and that's per foot, yes per foot. Take the pews from Church Furniture1's  Blue Ridge Church Furniture Distribution Center. Its got a new design that allows you to easily change our the fabric colors and ends without having to tear the units apart. They come with some standard features and are priced at roughly $50 range. Companies also offer radius church pews starting at $120 per ft and others offer standard pews at about $75, which is the industry average. Of the 350,000+ churches in the United States we estimate that roughly 220,000 of them have enough space for just under 125 people. So lets run off some math here shall we? Most people like about 21" when it comes to sitting, comfortably, much like a movie theater seat. Assuming the church has say 100 members here, your figuring about at least 200 plus feet in seating that needs to take shape. 200 times the national Avg of $75 per foot, that's $15,000 for standard pews, little to not features. That also doesn't include shipping or an installation crew which can run another $3-8,000. If you have sloped floors then its more cost but lets assume you have a standard flat, wooden subfloor.    

Church Chairs - $3,500 Avg Cost

Various Church seating by Worship Chairs
Church Chairs are a bit different.  They are cheaper for the most part, offer great features and people in churches like the more-so than pews. As a matter of fact more churches opt for church chairs than pews in our recent church survey. Pricing average is $36.99 in the industry, you can get some higher, some lower and its a lot like buying a car, you get what you pay for. While there are models I recommend, there are also models to stay away from, but for today were talking pricing.  Assuming on the style of church as above you can get a 21" wide church chair with lots of goodies for less than $35. I like the sanctuary chair, the Church Chair and the American Chair models. Of those models they all seem to run at the $33-35 mark so lets use $34.99 as the price here. $34.99 times 100 members is just $3,499. Shipping might need to be included, might not, depends on where you live and the quantity your purchasing from. That's a LOT cheap than church pews. 

Carpeting -$3,500 Avg Cost

Church Carpeting
Church Carpet can be bought at just about any local shop in the USA. There are thousands of styles to choose from and yet they all come from just a handful of mills in the States believe it or not. Most commercial grade carpets come in two sizes 30oz and 36oz. The size or thickness depends on the type of flooring you have. Industry average here is about $12 per sq yd and most of those 100 member churches are going to have about 2,400 st ft for their main part within the church (266 Sq yards). Additionally its always best to buy whats called overage, a little extra for those places you didn't think about like where the choir might be, a narrow hallway and the like, generally 10%-12% is good. So you can figure that the base cost of carpet for a standard church will run you about $3,500 bucks. That's 266 sq yards of carpet plus 10% for 292 Sq yards then multiple that by $12 per sq yard. Again that's a basic cost and shipping and installation are not always included so ask before you buy. 

Pulpit Furniture - $5,500 Avg Cost

ProClaimer Series Pulpit Set by
Its one of those things that can be costly or cheap depending on what you purchase. Most churches that we have seen tend to purchase pretty much the same thing, just in various flavors. A pulpit, a communion table of some type, and three pastors or ministers chairs. With a slue of models to choose from including metal, acrylic, wood and a combination of the three (called hybrid) you can spend as little as $1,500 for everything or shot for the stars and pay upwards of $10,000 or more. For the standard church these days we have found that a church tends to seek out more modern style furniture like the ProClaimer  series line and chairs to match. The average price of a mid grade hybrid pulpit such as one of these is roughly $1,200. Matching communion tables can run $1,300 and Pastors chairs can run around $500 each. For this part of your church your looking at on average across the states about $5,500. Yes you can get cheaper items and yes you can get more expensive. $5,500 is what most churches tend to spend on their pulpit furniture for an average.

Baptistries $1,500-$2,500 Base Cost

Baptistry by ChurchFurniture1
Fiberglass baptistries are much like those found in your home, just thicker and larger. They tend to come in various colors and shapes and they all provide one thing, holding water during a baptistry. While not all churches have them, those that do can spend upwards on average $1,500 for just the tub alone. Then there are baptistry heaters, piping, drainage and the like as well which can run you another $1,000 give or take. When you combine everything your looking at about $2,000-$2,500 for a standard start-up.  Portable units like the Model B start at about $1,500 but tack on the goodies like a wheel kit and portable heater and your talking $2,000. 

These are just a few basic things that I often talk about here on the blog. Thus far the average church is looking at roughly $14,000 on the low end and and $25,000 on the upper end of things. Now you can get these items much cheaper for sure, but this is industry average based on what churches tend to buy. You can always save more by installing things yourself, although its not recommended-on items such as baptistry heaters.

Quality Church Pews

Particle board Pew End
Recently I found a church that has a set of church pews for sale, nothing wrong with that, they simply wanted to update the church look. Awesome! What I didn't realize is that the pews were made of particle board. Who in the world would even produce particle board church pews? But more importantly who would buy them. 

This is the same stuff you can purchase at Target or Wal-Mart, put it together yourself then over time it bends and warps because its cheaply made kinda stuff. The church traded in the pews for the new ones and I got to see the true quality of what they were talking about.

Solid Wood Pew End
Interesting enough I was able to look at these pews first hand and at first glance they look like every other church pew found in America. However, up close these pews were horrible, moisture started to creep through the veneer on these pews and the ends that hold the pew up were literally splitting. At one pew I was able to actually pull away the veneer to see that it was indeed the same type of particle board found in cheap household, build-it-yourself furniture. The company that purchased the used pews is actually in the process of replacing the major components with real wood replacements so they can resell them as used pews however it will also drive up the cost of the pews. 

Its a very important thing to ask for when your looking for church furniture, what type of wood or materials is used in it. Much like the Hercules church chairs that have used wood and cement in them, there are companies that will cut corners and that's shameful, especially for a church. Fortunately the church that sold the pews got new wooden ones instead from ChurchFurniture1. Solid wood or even bound wood it much better than particle board as its cheap, not very durable and tends to fall apart and warp over a period of time, just be careful what you purchase.

Ask these great questions when making a great decision about any type of church furniture. 

  • What is your product made of? 
  • Where is your church furniture made? 
  • Are you a dealer, reseller or manufacturer? 
  • How long have you been in business? 
  • Where is the closet church that has done business with you?


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