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Do FREE Church Chairs Exist?

We tackle the age old question of free church chairs, put to rest the myths and provide you with some hard facts.

Pews VS. Chairs, Which Cost Less and what is better?

We talk about the benefits of metal chairs vs. pews, the overall costs and why church's love them!

What's the Hype about Baptistry Heaters?

Why ChurchRite heaters are great!

Coffee Style Church's

America's Church's are becoming more "Coffee Style" Church's with relaxed settings, Jeans and Tee's, HDTV's, Coffee and breakfast during services, church chairs mixed with tables and chairs.

How to Finance Church Chairs and Church Furniture

This Article Below is one of the older articles we wrote for educational purposes. Everyone is on a budget and needs to know how to get products and services.

Service is something unique we offer as we have the same products as Church Furniture Store or anyone else but at a lower price of course as I am a single person supporting myself without overhead versus a multi-million dollar corporation with 10 employees.

The Biggest thing to emphasize is do not wait if you need chairs or installation by December 1st, as this process can take up to 2 months. Start up Businesses like Churches or Remodels will increase, sometimes DOUBLE your Membership but there is a cost. Our Company can provide you with the moneys you need and there is interest when dealing with financiers but you've heard the saying "Beggars cant be choosers", Our prices are lower for the same products from multiple companies out there, we offer installation and repair services and our customer service is quick and responsive. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Sometimes churches get sticker shock when they see that 100 chairs and a pulpit might cost them $5,000 or more and sometimes they need a little bit of help to get them what they need and so church furniture financing takes an active role in helping them to fulfill the need. 

So where is the best place to get financed if your a church?  Most banks and financial institutions don't like to lead money to church homes and its hard to get any sort of loan. I do have a lot of people that ask me about financing and I recommend Hampton Ridge to them. Hampton Ridge is a specialized leaning firm that offers church furniture financing to churches looking to spend $2,000 or more. The idea is to pay for the item over time just as you would a traditional loan and there are a couple of qualifications that you will need. 

For example in order to qualify your church will need a personal guarantor such as a church leader or pastor, someone in the congregation. You will also need some Church tax ID information and the like as well with an active member or two with decent credit scores, someone in the church will have enough of a score to get financed I am sure. The nice thing about them is that they will work with you on just about any amount for the church and you can use it for chairs, pews, pulpits and more. 

Through their leasing options you have the ability to make low cost monthly payments and you will get all the products you need through one loan. You can also get approval pretty quickly through them, sometimes in 24 hours and you can get funded in less than a weeks time. 

Financing will not work for some but for others it will be an ideal solution especially if your having to settle for something in your price range that you don't necessarily want. I highly recommend them if you decide to go that route and the guys there are great to work with when it comes to getting your church funded quickly. They also have a payment calculator that can help you get an idea of what your payments might be on a complete set of furniture. The alternative is to raise the money yourself if you do not have it. Companies like ChurchFurniture1 are similar to everyone else in the fact that they accept all major credit cards or cash, etc however, they can help you with the fundraising if you work with one of they're consultants. It will not hurt to call for consideration.

We Found a new Used Church Furniture Seller

What to do with your old church pews?

As pews are slowly becoming outdated with church chairs and even the smaller church benches many churches find themselves with the age old question, “what do I do with my old church furniture?”

Well, that’s a good question and a bit tough to answer. I’m pretty sure that most people wouldn’t want an old pew sitting in their living room. That’s not to say that it would look good on an old rustic farmhouse porch by any means, but there are a few things that you can do with the furniture before you simply toss them out or chop them up for firewood. 

Depending if your furniture has life in it still you could simple sell them. Yes, sell them. Places like Craigslist are good for listing but it’s a hard place to find local people wanting them. We found a website entitled that does just that. Think of it like a Craigslist or eBay but for used church furniture.  The idea is to have a central location where you can list your furniture and sell it at an amount you feel that is just.  From what I have seen the normal going rate for an average 12ft pew is about $40 give or take.  There’s start-up churches and storefront churches that are always looking for a good deal. You might be able to dispose of your old furniture and make a dollar or two as well that you can use to help pay for the new furniture. 

Another idea is to donate them to a local service such as the American Red Cross or homeless shelters. I’ve seen several homeless shelters across the United States take them and put them in facilities, especially if they have padding where a person can lay down. It might not be the most ideal place to lay but it beats the floor and homeless shelters will gladly take them in. 


Finally, there are local craftsman that can cut the pews down to make mini pews for porch’s, homes and offices.  It’s more of a novelty item really but you can still put them to good use.
I hope this gives you some insight as breathing new life into your old church furniture.

5 things you didn't know about our favorite church furniture provider

So there are certain elements offered by some of our favorite companies that not everyone else is doing and we want to share this important information with you. Not all Church Furniture Suppliers are created equal, some of them do better jobs than others with sells and customer service or follow up and some are there to make a buck. You can typically find those out fairly quickly with a simple phone call. So ask yourself who it is you'd rather do business with a run of the mill fly by night Church supplier who is there to sell you a great deal and after you pay never hear from them again or a humble and small mom and pop provider of the exact same products but who truly care about you and the needs of your church, really? A no brainier right? At least you'd think so however you would be surprised at the number of places out there standing in line waiting to take advantage of the average church goer.

That is why we have comprised a list of reputable companies and brands and write articles like this for you to show how important it is to make an educated and informed decision before you spend that congregations money. It is said knowledge is power and it couldn't be more true than with church furniture providers.

Here are 5 important aspects of one of our favorite church furniture suppliers that we feel you may not have realized so to point these out for your decision making process take a look,

We guarantee you didn't know ChurchFurniture1 came out on top ranking highest in customer service and care and we want to show you the following aspects you may not have realized:

1) ChurchFurniture1 sells used Church Furniture, that's right so if you are buying and you want to save you need to hit them up for what used furniture they have available

2) ChurchFurniture1 will also help you sell your Church furniture to recoup some of the costs of the remodel which can be fairly expensive, so talk to them about posting your used furniture to sell

3) ChurchFurniutre1 specializes in Stained Glass and has multiple payment options including lay away, so every church can have beautiful stained glass artwork and afford it, they also use the #3 ranked artist in the nation but that's another story

4) ChurchFurniture1 is a flooring adviser, we know the ins and outs of all flooring needs and will give you a price you cant refuse, we pride ourselves on being the most competitive and professional installers of Flooring in the country

5) When it comes to Church Chairs we sell all the major brands at a cheaper price, How? you ask, we are not a corporate entity with a million dollar overhead so why go anywhere else

The list above is comprised of major factors in decision to rank Churchfurniture1 as the #1 provider of Church Furniture supplies and we think it is a good reason to give them a call and at least let them quote out the needs of your church remodel or new constriction.

You can contact ChurchFurniture1 directly here or by going to there website without even picking up the phone.

Til' Next Time, God bless

        -Danny Gordon

EXTENDED SALE for Holidays!!

Pastor Appreciation Month was in October but the savings do Not have to end.

In Recognition of this we have placed THE DISCIPLE PULPIT on Sale!!!

From Now until New Year we will have this pulpit on Sale for the holidays!! Order by Thanksgiving to receive by Christmas!

!!!SALE!!! SALE !!! SALE !!! SALE!!! SALE!!!

The Disciple Pulpit at ChurchFurniture1 is one of the more popular crosses of wood podium, meets Clear Acrylic and that glass looks amazing with a logo (extra $100 cost). The Pulpit is on sale for Pastor Appreciation Month, Which was October by the way if you didn't know it and this sale will now run from 11/1/15 through 01/01/2016 So make your selection now to receive by Christmas. The pulpit comes with multiple stain options and estimated delivery is within 2 weeks.

Also, if you have set up an account with a limited number of pulpits have the opportunity to get an even Bigger Savings!! So Submit your account and find out how much more you can actually save. Call Now 800-395-6811


Stained Glass Windows for the Church

Recently I sat down with the President of Jennings Stained Glass Inc, in Alta Vista, Virginia, Harold Jennings. He has done thousands of stained glass jobs and really knows his stuff when it comes to the affordability of this unique product.

 The process for pricing each church window can be very complex. All churches have different size windows and shapes. There are your standard rectangle windows and then there are cathedral glass windows and then half-round, triangular and circular glass windows. There are formulas that can be used to price out stained glass windows for your church. A normal size window has the width by the length multiplied the total by squared feet and you end up with a calculation that a price can be based around. Every window for your sanctuary is unique though and can of course customized. Many times a cartoon like drawing can be done with a basic design or existing template and then drawings, emblems or medallions are then added.

Prior to starting a project, a stained glass representative will meet with the client to determine placement and any special requirements needed for the church windows. There are many different ways to incorporate the window into an opening, your stained glass specialist will have these details and be knowledgeable in the field of window placement.

The representative will return to the studio to draw up a standard design from a collection of information gathered at which point any customization will be  taken into account. Once this idea or plan has been approved by the client multiple down scaled versions will be modeled for the various steps in the process of production. There are a number of factors that go into account for the size and complexity of the designs.

After the design process, the types of glass to be used are determined. The process of a leaded stained glass window is time intensive and there are many people who claim to do stained glass but we can assure you at this level there are only a handful of valid artists that can achieve the desired affect of a churches vision. We always recommend using a business that is licensed and insured and can provide you with references of churches like yours, they have done work for.

A company like Churchfurniture1 has one of the most professional stained glass artist in the country, of the top 10, they use a professional artist that is ranked number 3 in the nation. Quality work needs to be reviewed and decided upon before choosing the right stained glass window artist for your church.

Harold Jennings can be contacted via ChurchFurniture1 and is a leading authority on stained glass windows for your church. Please contact him if you have an interest in financing or working out a payment plan to afford the stained glass your church is researching. He is licensed, insured and professional with references and examples of his work. He is exclusive to ChurchFurniture1 and an asset to the church community. We here at Church Budget appreciate his time and informative presentation. Thanks a bunch and feel free to contact us for any stained glass education you need or faq's on affordability.

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