Discount Church Chairs to Instantly Discover

Discount Church Chairs to Instantly Discover

Church chairs are all over the place when you search for them on Googles search engine. 

If you came to my little corner of the Internet, then you're looking for discounted church chairs or even free church chairs

Expert Joshua Gabrielson
Well, truth be told free church chairs don't exist unless your looking for free pews one on the website. 

Discount church chairs on the other do exist and they are hard to find, luckily I'm here to help you out. My name is Joshua Gabrielson, I'm a church furniture expert. 

I don't sell you anything, but I do endorse select companies, I do offer great data and research on church furniture products and I can help guide you to the best church chairs hands down. 

Today, I would like to share a couple of places where you can get these models, including giving you some insider information that can also help get youth very best deals too. 

Timing is Everything In the Church Furniture World

If you follow me and have been reading my blogs from over the last several years, then you know that timing is everything. 

The worst times to purchase church chairs is roughly 60 days before Easter and 45 days before Christmas. 

OK, great Josh but why is that? 

Well, truth be told these are the "busy season" times for companies trying to get their products to your church. You WILL pay FULL retail price on anything that you purchase during these times. 

However, the BEST timing to buy church chairs for example is early May through October

These are the times that factories are hurting for business and they are also restocking their warehouses for the busy season. I personally recommend buying during summer break from kids being out of school. 

Here's a tidbit to check out. 

The best place to buy determines if you can find their secret websites. Take Church Furniture for example. Right now they have a special price on their 18.5" church chair, just $28.99 this summer.  They don't announce this publicly but you can find it on their website, which normally it runs $33.99. 

Church Chair companies are looking to get rid of stock from the earlier model for the newer models. 

But here's another secret that companies don't want you to know. 

Church Chair models only change every 5-7 years. When they do they only make small changes like the ganging devices for example. 

Why? So you will be forced to buy new models, see ganging devices for example can change in design or size, when they do your older models simply don't connect right, forcing you to buy new ones. 

So, if your going to buy church seating, make sure you buy ALL you need for the next 10 to 15 years in one lot. 

Discount Church Seating Quality

18" wide vs. 21" wide church chair, see the edges of the seat with me sitting in them
When it comes to quality, most church chairs are about the same. A couple of years ago I bought several of the most popular models and testing them over on my sister website Chairs in Church

I found that just about all the chairs (except one) had similar quality specs, although some were definitely more comfortable to sit in over long periods of time. 

Additionally I found that size didn't matter as much either. When testing the smaller chairs like the 18-19" wide vs. the 21" wide, it really didn't make a difference although I didn't sit next to someone. 

I recommend that you look beyond quality simply because most of the models are going to have similar specs, designs and comfort levels to some degree. 

Chairs I Endorse

Yes, Church I do endorse certain church chairs models. I don't however make any money from endorsing these products and yes I do endorse more than church chairs within the industry too. 

If you're looking for a 21" wide church chairs then I recommend whats called The Church Chair, also known as the model B in the industry. 

Yes, its a church chair made in china, but let me debunk your myths:

Its also a misconception that chairs made overseas are bad. Actually 93% of the church chairs made today are made in China, India and Mexico or elsewhere. Even the "Made in America" labeled chairs are built in Mexico and Canada, which technically is part of "America" as in North America because labor is cheaper north and south of the USA.  

Chairs labeled "Built in the USA" or "Made in the USA" use foreign steel, foam and materials often by the same places where they are built over the boarders. Companies want you to believe that everything they produce doesn't have a foreign carbon footprint of some type. Not true.  

Why do I recommend the model? What about cheaper models Josh? 

Good questions and let me answer. I recommend this model because it is well built, has a quality wooden back, it's found in over 40% of the 420,500+ churches all across America, so it's sort of the standard defect. 

While you CAN get a cheaper chair, I want you to think about chairs like buying a car. Cheaper car, stripped down model. More expensive chair, more features like card pockets, powder coated frames and much better warranties. 

Speaking of warranties, I wrote a great article about extending your church chair warranty for less than $2 per seat. While you don't have to get an extended warranty, I recommend buying one for the cost to value ratio. 

My Conclusion

Friends, there are over 90 companies offering church products for your sanctuary, most are great to deal with, a few of them you will want to stay away from, but for the most part, pick a quality chair that time and time again churches have chosen before you. 

If you have a question about the church furniture industry, drop me a line and let me know. I would be more than happy to help guide you to the right places and give you any insights that I can share with you along the way too. 

Until Next time, God Bless~


Church Chair Financing

Church Chair Financing 

If you're looking to finance your new church chairs, this webpage is for you. 

Over the years as a church furniture blogger, I have been asked time and time again about financing but I've never really blogged about it, I mean I blog about everything else within the industry but not financing, until today. 

Roughly 20% of all churches that make a furniture purchase of some kind, being pulpit furniture, pews or the very popular church chair, tend to finance them. 

While there are companies out there that do offer financing, I'd like to let you know about the only financing that I endorse as a church furniture blogger and professional.

Since the first of the year, I finally started endorsing companies that offer the best church chairs in America according to my years of study and research.  

Of the 80,000 odd churches that use financing, many of them use companies with hidden fees, background and credit checks the like too. The financing plan that I endorse is called the Church Rewards Financing Plan

The plan is a simple interest layaway plan, 90 days same as cash. Anything over that amount there is a small interest fee.  
How does it Work?

You basically make monthly installments to the CRFP once you put down a 50% deposit and once the amount has been fully funded, your church chairs and furniture will be released to the church. 

The great thing about the plan is that the interest that is collected is actually put into an account that helps dire need missionaries to plant Christian churches in Africa. Think of it this way. 

Say your church buys 100 church chairs and you use the program. A portion of the money that you pay into the program goes to help plant a church in Africa

That church becomes a 'sister' church and we help connect you with them through mail and email. 

It's a great way to help others in need while getting the church furnishings that you want too. The non-profit only helps 2,000 churches a year so it's a limited sign-up for each year, I recommend that you at least fill out the form to get in before another church does. 

PLUS, its the only endorsed product that I recommend within the church furniture industry too. 

Want to get started? 

I can help you get a FREE, no obligation quote for financing your items. Simply fill out the form below and I will personally see to it that one of my staff members contacts you regarding the program to see if you qualify. 

Thanks and God Bless~


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Church Furniture Warranties, Are they Worth It?

Buying Church Chair Extended Warranties

This week I got a great question from Reverend Samson of Georgia, he writes in and asked, 

Hi Joshua, I want to know about buying a church chair warranty, the one that goes beyond the regular one. Is it worth the cost and should we purchase it on our new chairs? 

Thanks a great question Rev. Samson, thanks for asking me. The short answer is actually yes, the value to what you pay verses the time extended is worth the added cost, let me explain.  

All church seating should come with some sort of a warranty, depending on the manufacturer. The standard seems to be in the 10 year range on the frame and 5 on the fabric, although companies offer various warranties as a regular part of their sale. 

Say you purchased 100 church chairs from the manufacturer that I personally endorse or someone else. You get a standard warranty for 10 years but your church keeps them for closer to 20 years. 

Paying less than $2.00 a chair to extend the warranty for another 10 years would definitely be worth the cost. However, if you plan on selling the chairs after 5 years to buy new ones, then the answer is no its not. 

I have teamed up with CFMA or Church Furniture Manufacturers Association, an organization that helps oversee the industry. I offer the only endorsed church chair warranty in America, for just $1.94 per chair

Buying 100 chairs for example means to double the warranty it costs the church $194 for another 10 years, which translates to $1.61 per month to keep them insured

Just a handful of churches purchase an extended warranty for their seating according to my data, just 4% of churches in the United States do this, mostly because it's a little known secret that the industry doesn't want you to have. But Why? 

Because the companies that sell chairs want you to keep coming back for repeat business that's why. 

What is interesting here is that churches that need to use warrantied services is roughly 8.3% here in the United States. When asked of these, most are from floods, damage, theft, etc. 

I'm not in the business to do that, I'm in the business of educating churches just like yours on how to get the best products at the best prices. 

It's a great way to protect yourself when it comes to keeping them in top shape and I recommend that you get this option should you plan on keeping your chairs for years to come. 

Do YOU have a church furniture or chair question for me? Simply ask by clicking here

Best Rated Church Chairs

Best Rated Church Chairs

What are the best rated church chairs out there and how to find them?

The answer is simple, head over to our sister website Church Chairs and check out my own reviews on which models exceed and which ones failed my standardized test. 

The church chair test includes several aspects about build quality, comfort and overall value, price really doesn't reflect in the test although I do mention some price points about the chairs just for your general knowing. 

The Double Rub Test

You might have heard of this test, sometimes called the Wyzenbeek Test, yes it's a real thing in the furniture business, it's where a piece of fabric from a church chair or church pew is placed onto this machine and it simulates the sitting and standing of a person. 

This test mimmicks you sitting into the chair then getting up out of it. Believe it or not when you do one or the other, you actually wear down the chair

There are different results to the test that indicate how durable the fabric is, the better the number the longer it will last

Check out my chart below to show the various levels of the fabric rub test and where your church needs to be. 

Foam Padding  in Church Seating

Behind the fabric is the padding and this is where comfort comes into play. Several chair manufacturers use whats called virgin foam, foam that's never been used for anything else, meaning it will be hard to sit in at first and after a small break in period of about 5-7 sittings the foam becomes softer and more usable. 

Are there chairs that use old foam? 

Yes, to some extent there is, although its usually recycled. Underneath the foam is the backing, usually it's a wood base and most times it's new wood although I have found used wood from construction sites that has cement inside of it, not only is that gross but its very misleading to those that buy them, which you can read about here

Free Church Chairs

Free Church Chairs

Free church chairs are something that churches are always looking for when they search online, unfortunately free church chairs are simply a myth and they don't exist

But, before you leave my blog post here, I can tell you there are some church chair secrets out there that can actually save you lots of money and I would like to share them with you so you too can take advantage of them. 

A few years ago I addressed the issue of "Is there Really Free Church Chairs?" Fast forward a few years, a little bit more of grey in my beard and hopefully a little wiser I can share with you some additional details. 

Saving Money with Church Chairs

While you can't get free church seats, you can find ways to save a lot of money on them. I recently decided to endorse two church chairs on the marketplace through all my years of research, trial and error, mostly so you don't have too. 

Through all the flashy websites, promises and gimmicks, I decided to offer my endorsement on both a great little 19" wide church chair as well as a 21" model too. They are both reasonably prices, have the features you want along with the most popular colors as well as a good warranty and great customer service. 

Now here's the thing, I'm not going to sell them to you. When Your ready to sit down and buy chairs, you can visit this church chair link, otherwise feel free to keep on shopping. 

Why in the world would you say that Joshua? 

Because I'm in the business of educating churches just like you. If your after the cheapest chair on the market, well your in for a surprise if you get them, they are called the Hercules Chair. You can read my review of this brand new, cheap church seat and what I have found over the years, still nothings changed. 

Now if you want a great chair at a fair price, then the models that I mentioned above are what you really want, I wouldn't endorse any models unless they were an amazing chair. 

As a matter of fact you can read about the various lines of chairs on the market here.

The Church Chair Secret

Here's what the industry doesn't want you to know, most models come from just a handful of companies. Most of them are literally the same chair, just with different names, various shades of fabric, but most come from China. 

The "American Made" chair is also misleading because materials they use also come from the same place, it just happens to be assembled here in North America, notice how I didn't say the United States. Mexico, Canada and sometimes even South America can all be considered "America Made", just some food for thought. 

Its another misleading verbiage to lead you to believe that what you are getting is far better than the next guy down the road, when in reality it's practically the same thing.  Think of it this way, Honda, which is a Japanese company, makes some of their cars here in the United States, some in Mexico. So is it American or Japanese? It Depends on who you ask. 

My advice is stop worrying about where they come from and focus on the task at hand, purchasing chairs for the church with great value at a good price point. 

What Really Matters in Church Chairs

Let me give you the real deal when it comes to chairs and what churches want. 

#1. You want something that looks great
#2. You want something that is durable
#3. You want something that will not break the budget

Everything else is simply marketing to you the church leader.

Look for these features when shopping for a chairs: 

  • A chair with Olifen (sometimes called PolyOleflin fabrics)
  • A welded frame that can hold more than 600lbs
  • A price point of roughly $37 per unit
  • A chair with a 10/20+ warranty (10 on fabric / 20 on frame)
My point is that you don't have to take weeks on end trying to find a chair that will meet the churches needs. Additionally, those with church committees that are picky about a select color to match the carpet of the church, forget it, your wasting your time and more importantly, your churches money. 

I have seen so many churches over the years with committees arguing about maroon color #271 vs. maroon color #312. As long as it goes with the decor, no-one is going to care or judge your church based off the colors within it. If they are, then your church definitely is not the church home for them to begin with. 

Custom fabric colors and embroidering are a waste of money, often times are double the cost or more and when you go to resell them say 10 or 15 years later, they will be worth what a used chair is, barely anything. For those wanting embroidery on your chairs, don't go that route under any circumstances. The resell value of those chairs is literally 83% less  (about $2, yes I said $2) than a used church chair, which in 2016 is about $10 per unit. 


When it comes to Free Church Chairs, they simply don't exist. Used church chairs can be found at which is a great ministry website, although the majority of what they offer are used pews. 

I recommend buying chairs from my endorsed website or should you choose, a reputable church chair dealer. 

Thoughts on my article? Drop me a line and let me know, i would love to hear from you or help answer your church furniture related questions. 

God Bless~


Discount Church Chairs And Their Myths

Discount Church Chairs Myths

Hello friends! I hope that you are off to a blessed day. Well, if you came to this post of my blog then you are most likely looking for discount church chairs or discounted church furniture from the search engines. As a longtime professional in the business turned blogger, I wanted to share with you some insights about those discounted church chairs you might be looking for, who I endorse as one of the best providers on the internet and I want to help educate you a little bit as your looking for the best deal on church chairs. 

Churches Want Chairs

The church today has changed a lot when it comes to the image or perception of the sanctuary and the overall vibe of the church within the community. Over the year 20 some odd years churches have slowly transformed into popular places of worship, along with change comes a change in church decor, colors and equipment in order to bring in new followers of Christ, more modern music, more of a "come as you are" - blue jeans and coffee mentality. 

Perhaps the biggest physical change of the church is the switch from church pews to church chairs in recent years. These "church chairs" have actually been in the market place a lot longer than one might think, originally being offered as conference room chairs, sold to hotel chains, civic centers and other organizations that have a place of meeting. In my mountains of surveys, data and research I have found that of the 416,000+ church homes, nearly 82% of them are buying chairs over church pews. 


Pricing has become a huge decision maker when it comes to buy church chairs and that's why you are looking for discount church chairs. The term is somewhat misleading within the industry, being that you want a great chair at an affordable price. According the the Church Furniture Manufacturers Association (CFMA), the average price of a church chair for a typical congregation is about $36.97. When you compare this price against the national average for hotel chains that purchase chairs for example, the rate is hugely discounted already, the same chair goes for roughly $59 per chair in the business industry. 

So whats the difference? 

There is no difference. The same manufacturers that build chairs for churches also build them for the hotels, civic centers, civic leagues and the like. Price is the only various factor. Companies and organizations can afford to fork out more money unlike a church, their capital is in the form of sales while a church is in the form of offerings and donations, thus the price is cheaper and offered at a discount. 

The Truth About Discount Church Chairs

Truth be told, the only type of discount church chairs on the market are factory second chairs or scratch and dent models. These are chairs that might have been sold and damaged in transit to a church and replaced for a good one. Often times they have very minor cosmetic issues like scratches or perhaps a rip int he fabric, but otherwise they are in good shape. 

Usually they don't come with any sort of warranty either and that's part of the discounted price, anywhere from 10-40% off the MSRP can be expected. 

If you do find new chairs called discounted church chairs they really aren't discounted at all, is just a term used to indicate that a given website or business offers affordable chairs. 

American Church Chairs vs. Chinese Church Chairs

This is a very misleading topic within the industry. Truth be told, just about every single chair that's listed as a church seat or church chair is made overseas, this includes the "American Made" labeled chairs which are also misleading to you the consumer. 

American made is loosely generated when it's made anywhere in North or South America or the chair is assembled in the United States although most components still come from overseas. Think of it this way, it's like stating that a foreign car or truck is American made because the guy at the dealership installed a new set of tires (and those are made overseas too), it's still foreign. 

There is nothing wrong with buying chairs of any caliber here in the United States and let me explain. When imports come into the good old USA, everything has to meet certain specifications or guidelines, from food to furniture, there are standards to be met. Now, those standards can be exceeded and then stated, for example a church chair that holds 500lbs vs one that hold 1,000lbs, while the US standard is 425lbs.    

Just about any solid built church chair on the market is going to withstand the US federal standards and state standards depending on where you live. From my research, there is only one church chair to avoid and that's the Hercules Chair which has to be assembled by you the church. 

There is a Difference in Quality

I can clearly tell you that there is a difference in quality when it comes to the various models offered online. For the last several years I have tested model after model from my other blog Chairs In Church and I have found, yes there are differences in quality, comfort and durability too. 

How can I find the Best Church Chair for My Church Home? 

That's a great question. For years I have been advising people and churches on the types of church furniture out there, giving my reviews, thoughts and findings to help people just like you to make a great decision. I finally decided this year to actually start endorsing a couple of products because of their great quality and durability, not to mention the good price point. These two models of church chairs are by far the best in America in my opinion. 

Praise Chair

This is a 19" wide church seat that I really like. The comfort is great, the Olefin fabrics are very durable and stain resistant, and the overall welds on the chair her by far the best within the smaller chair category. I'm endorsing this chair for the smaller church home, the starter church of store front church. Right now you can pre-order the chair at a discounted price before they come into full production later this year. You can learn more about it here

The Church Chair

This is a 21" model that I also endorse. It offer's a slue of great features and it's perhaps one of the best ones that I have personally enjoyed sitting in and using here in the office. I enjoy the memory foam that it provides as its dense yet very easy to sit in and comforting for a church chair. You can also check out that model here

Time frame to Get Your Chairs

Getting your chairs honestly depends on the time of year that you purchase them and what a given warehouse might have in stock at the time. The most popular colors, Burgundy and Navy Blue outsell other colors by almost 44%, which means when you purchase one of those colors you may run into delays because of production, shipping ports and other things. 

I recommend getting a color that is neutral like a tan or espresso if possible. These neutral colors are actually very popular in nature and they tend to hide dirt and wear much better than other colors to the eye. Truth be told, nearly 97% of the chairs sold on the market offer PolyOlefin materials, which at man made, stain resistant to just about everything out there (including bleach) and they wear much better than traditional materials. 

The Average time frame to get delivery of chairs is about 5.2 weeks, so when you do purchase expect a good month or two before you can get them. Its not always the case often times you get them earlier but use that as a guideline. 

Have a question for me, let me know and ask me here

Church Chairs Wholesale and What You Need to Know

Hey friends, 

So I get this question quite a bit here on the blog when it comes to church chairs especially wholesale church chairs and wanting to know some information about it, costs, brand names, is it worth it, etc. 

In my blog post today I'm going to talk to you about the in's and out's of wholesale church chairs and what to look for when your shopping for them. 

The word wholesale is sort of misleading when it comes to the church chair and church furniture industry, the term meaning purchasing from a manufacturer or sometimes called factory direct. Yes, you can purchase factory direct various church chairs of different sizes although you might want to think twice about paying for them in this route. 

First, is price. With nearly all church chairs being made overseas these days you can often times find a chair price that is fair. However you need to pay the import fees on the containers and often times you also have to purchase a minimum quantity of church chairs to being with, usually 3,000 to 5,000+ chairs. 

While wholesale companies might be a good approach, another key thing to remember is the warranty on your church chairs. Purchasing church chairs in a wholesale market often times will not come with a warranty. The manufacturers love working with the dealers that offer them to churches just like yours and with those agreements is some sort of a warranty. Many people that spend the $15,000-25,000+ per container often times don't get that. Hotels are a prime example here, they often times might save money buying direct but then they turn around and literally buy a warranty from a middleman which doubles the price sometimes more-so. 

If you buy wholesale they come with no warranty most times, this is where a church chair dealer can come into play and best suit your church needs. 

Finally, church chairs in most cases come from countries such as China, India and we're starting to see lots come from South America. Cheap labor, low import fees and access to resources that otherwise would make church chairs pricing in the $75-90 range, much like they were years ago. Most church planting is going to see either a use in church chairs or used church pews, more modern churches which the general population is steering toward also sees a huge increase in church chairs while more traditional church sanctuaries are sticking with pews. 

In the early 2000's price wars from various companies brought the church chair market to the middle $20 range and today a good chair on the market is going to run you in the $35-ish range depending on model, color, options, etc.