Formaldehyde in Church Chairs?

10:40:00 AM Joshua Gabrielson 0 Comments

Over the last several months I have seen "reports" from several companies talking about formaldehyde levels in church chairs, specifically ones that come from overseas like China or India. The "reports" suggest that chairs from those areas contain high levels of formaldehyde  and ones that are made in the USA (Actually North American, Canada and Mexico) somehow do not. 

Listen, formaldehyde is found in everything from car seats that you sit in everyday to the couch or chair that is in your living room. Its found in carpets, bed mattress's, anything that has foam or related components in it. That new car smell that everyone likes, guess what, its formaldehyde.
Part of Chairtex misleading email to get you to purchase from them

Let me be clear on this for your educational sake.  Anyone that tells you that formaldehyde is only found in items made over seas is simply flat out lying to you. They will tell you anything to get your business. You can find formaldehyde in American church chairs, Chinese Church Chairs, India church chairs even ones that are made anywhere else, period. 

Its very misleading and when you think of formaldehyde you think of a chemical that is deadly. In reality its found among everyday products that you are being exposed too on a regular basis. 

My suggestion to you is this. If your truly worried about the formaldehyde in products that you purchase, then do not rely on an independent test that some company hired to make them look better. Trust me, I see it all the time, the numbers are often shewed to show that something is really bad when it actually isn't. Sales tactic.

Is formaldehyde bad? 

Yes in extreme quantities.  

Is it found in church chairs? 

Yup, its found in ALL of them. Period. No if and or butts about it. 

Are there formaldehyde free furniture products? 

If it has foam or fabric materials in it, then No, its in there. A solid wood chair in your dining room table that uses a water based stain, yes then its most likely formaldehyde free. 

If a company wants to get your business they will tell you anything to get it. Carpet, automobiles, mattress's, couches, recliners, church chairs, certain clothes,  trace amounts in your cell phone, computer, your tennis shoes all have them. In this email with the PDF they don't have a test with their own chairs and the numbers are rather made up which helps them talk about the benefits of their chairs only. They don't and won't give you the independent test with their chairs becuase they will also exceed tolerances, again its a sale tactic they they are still using today.

Companies will talk about how they use stricter standards than another company but the reality is that foam is foam. Lots of church chair companies will purchase foam and fabrics, metal frames and the like overseas, often times from the same location, the same factory and made by the same workers. The difference is that they ship the parts, assemble them in Canada or Mexico and call them "American" made chairs. And yes, they are correct, those two countries are both in America, North America. Both countries also have different standards than the good old USA. Again, another tactic used to get your business.  

One is not better than the other, I'm not advocating that. Yes, there are poor quality chairs on the market, but they all have formaldehyde in them to one degree or another.  

Educate yourself about these things. Watch to see what companies are saying, especially about other ones. If you find that a company is using independent "studies" and they do not share their own information regarding the same items from that same independent company during the same time frame, walk away from it. Its a sales ploy to scare you into purchasing their products. Those companies know who they are and they and what they are doing.

Not everyone in our industry is Christian based. We are a business driven industry just like everyone else.