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Free Church Furniture

I got a question the other day from John B. He asked is there was anything really like Free church furniture. That's a wonderful question John, I actually get that a lot with smaller, start-up church's that are on a budget

The short answer is No. One of the sites that I represent is Called Church Furniture 1, they prices are so low that they compare to some of the used Furniture I have seen for sale. It's a website that ChurchFurniture1 created to help offer a place devoted to selling New church furniture and chairs and we have a directory there with a list of freebies and used to buy or sell. Yes, free pews, sometimes chairs and even pulpit furniture. There are a couple of catches. First is location. If your in Virginia for example, there may be free pews in Florida. The second drawback is that even though they might be free, you will still have to pay to move them. Usually most church's will get a U-Haul or Ryder style truck and pic them up themselves, rarely do they hire a private for hire company and for what you pay for the used you can almost buy new at ChurchFurniture1

In addition to the cost of delivery, you need to be aware that what your getting might be worn out. That is to say there is not warranty with these products. They may last you several years, they may last a month. A lot depends on what the other church is selling. A few key points when looking for church pews for example are, are they made of solid wood or OSB? Trust me you want solid wood. OSB and particle board are sometimes used in cheap pews, you don't want them, even if they're free.

Also you will want to look for water damage on the legs. They will cause you trouble if there is water that has soaked into the pews. Now, not all items on the site are in any way bad, they very well may be great and perfect for your short term needs. Lots of church's go the route of used church furniture and it works great for a few years until they can start to purchase new items that will last their church decades rather than a couple of years. 

Finally this site is perfect for church's that buy form the ChurchMart family group of websites. They will gladly place your items on there for free if you purchase new items from them. Additionally, since the site is run by donation, they ask all church's (even that post free) that they donate some amount to help keep the site going. That is to say to pay for the 2 employees salary's that runs , the advertising and the domain fees.  ChurchFurniture1 is a ministry driven websites that operates to fill the house of God. Some church's will give $23-29.50 while most give $200-$500 or more depending on the items that sell and are bought, its really up to the church. Without this website, there wouldn't be an operation that otherwise runs for profit when it comes to used or free church furniture. Remember though in most cases there is no such thing as free church furniture, so I'd strongly recommend you checking out the above mentioned websites and if you have really have a need ask us here

I hope this gives you some insight John. 

If you have any questions about church furniture or church chairs, please feel free to contact me and let me know. 

Again, Thanks and God Bless my Friends~