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Pew Brackets

This is a question that comes from Sabrina of Tennessee, she writes:

"Hi Joshua, I'm really enjoying reading your website posts. My church is in the middle of a remodel with new pews but we need pew brackets. Where can I find them and what is the best price? Hopefully you can help."

Thanks for the question. I'm assume your mean angled pew brackets because that's what most church's use when they remodel the sanctuary with new pews.  If your looking for the best price I recommend Heavenly Pulpits. They have them for as low as $.67 with free shipping and you can find their link here.  The ones they have are a dark bronze finish, which most church's use to help blend in under a pew. 

You can also find them at McKay Church Goods but they are brass style and they run $1.58 each. (that's $158.00 plus $10.95 shipping) I'm not too big on the brass finish or the fact that you can only buy 100 at a time. If I need say 110 of them I have to buy another 100, leaving 90 to spare, waste of money. Additionally the price difference between the two places is a $.91 difference.($91.00 dollar difference if you buy 100 brackets)
Heavenly Pulpits has the better pricing on Pew Brackets

The overall function of a pew bracket is to secure the pew to the floor. Fire marshal code sates that you must secure them to the floor and for chairs they must be ganged together with a ganging device, something that I talk about in another blog post.  

Good luck with getting pew brackets and congrats on your church remodel!

If you have a question about church furniture, don't hesitate to ask!

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