Where to buy Church Chairs?

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Here is a good question that came from a nice lady named Elizabeth and she asks, 

"Blessed Day Joshua, 

I enjoy reading your blog posts and they have helped us quite a bit with educating our staff about the furniture industry when it comes to church furniture. Thank you for that. I wanted to make a purchase of the worship chair that you often speak of as it will easily fit our needs, however there appears to be several places to buy this chair at. Which do you recommend?"

Thanks for the question this morning (sips on some much needed coffee here to try and wake up). 

Be Sure to Read my 2016 Article on Buying Church Chairs in a Wholesale method to Save Your church Money. 

Yes, I do recommend the Worship Chair as a top chair on my review list, its pretty easy to spot on the internet. The Real Worship Chair® will have the ® at the end of it. Its manufactured by Gabriel Church Services, Inc. There ARE lots of copies out there and people steal the name to try to promote it as their chair. 

The company also make whats called the #1 Church Chair, which is a brother to the Worship Chair®. There are very minor differences in the #1 church chair, mainly the type of screws used might be a normal type instead of a square drive style and the power coat finish might have a slightly different texture. I would also recommend this chair as par with the Worship Chair®.

Now, places you can get the church chair include the following in nor particular order by the way:

Business Name State Webpage
"The Book" Store KY www.thebookstoreky.com
Agape Chruch Furnishings SC www.agapechurchfurnishings.com
Artech Church Interiors CT www.artechchurchinteriors.com
Bahret Church Interiors PA www.bahretchurchinteriors.com
Bender's Parable Christian Store NY www.parable.com
Berean Christian Stores OH www.berean.com
Bible Book Store TX www.victoriabiblebookstore.com
Born Again Pews OK www.bornagainpews.com
Bowling United Industries, Inc VA www.buichurch.com
Cathedral Pews, LLC AL www.cathedralpews.com
Center Line Associates FL www.centerlineassociates.com
Choice Furnishings Inc. IL www.choicefurnishings.com
Christian Book Seller NC www.edentonchristianbooks.com
Christian Products House CA www.librosc.com
Christian Supply SC www.christiansupply.com
Christian Supply Centre WV christiansupplycentre.com
Church Depot  NC www.pewrenovations.com  
Church Furnitures Unlimited, Inc NC www.churchfurn.com
Church Outlet NC www.churchoutlet.com 
Church Resources, Inc SC www.church-resources.com
Church Supply and Furniture TX www.churchsupplyandfurniture.com
Churchsuppliers.com PA www.churchsuppliers.com 
CLC Book Center PA www.clcbookcenter.com
Commercial Refinishers NC www.commercialrefinishers.com
Concordia Supply Company CA www.concordiasupply.com
Called2Blessing VA  www.called2blessing.org
Faith Advantage IL www.furniture4church.com
Ferguson Enterprises VA www.ferguson.com
Furniture Crafters of Virginia, Inc VA www.furniturecraftersinc.com
Hallelujah Square of Morgan City LA www.hallelujahsquare.com
Harris Office Supply VA www.harrisofficefurniture.com
Harvest Church Furniture VA www.harvestchurchfurniture.com
Heavenly Pulpits NC www.heavenlypulpits.com
Jack's Religious Gift Shop MD www.jacksreligious.com
Jesus Book and Gift Store NJ www.jesusbookandgift.com
Mardel OK www.mardel.com
McPhail Church Furniture NC www.mcphailchurchservices.com
Melbergs Christian Bookstore MN www.mebergs.biz
Nu-Idea SC www.nu-idea.com
One Stop for Churches TN www.onestopforchurches.com
Open Door Christian Bookstore IN www.theopendoorchristianbook.com
Podiums Direct MN www.podiumsdirect.com
Quality Church Furniture NH www.Qualitychurchfurniture.com
Rayann's Church Furnishings GA www.rayanns.com
S & J Gospel Shop NC www.SANDJGOSPEL.NET
Sanctuary Savings NC www.sanctuarysavings.com
Sanders Church Furniture GA www.sanderschurchfurnishings.com
Spiritual Praise Bookstore VA www.spiritualpraise.net
Springfield Winnelson OH www.springfieldwinnelson.com
St. Jude Religious Stores, Inc PA www.st-jude.com
Tampa Christian Supply FL www.tampachristian.com
The Lamb's Well GA www.lambswell.com
The Olive Branch Bookstore GA www.eolivebranch.com
The Outlet Store AR www.tostheoutletstore.com
Todaro's Music PA www.worldfrets.com
Wheatfield Pool & Spas NY www.wheatfieldpools.com
Whidden & Associates, Inc NC www.churchfurnishings.com
Mid South Church Construction  LA www.midsouthchurchconstruction.com
ChurchMart VA www.churchmart.com

Any one of these places should be able to help fulfill your order, each has different prices so you will want to look around for the best one on this series. There are other places that also offer it, your local Christian Bookstore for example, just ask them, if they don't ask them to carry it so you can help support your local bookstore. I hope this helps, have a blessed day Elizabeth!