How to Install Pew Brackets

1:58:00 PM Joshua Gabrielson 0 Comments

If your in the process of putting new carpet into your church or perhaps your buying pews but installing them yourselves, you may have recently seen those little brackets that are found at the bottom of the church pew.

They are called pew brackets and they server a great purpose, they anchor the church pew to the floor to prevent them form moving about when they are in use. These brackets can be found online for purchase and although they have a few different colors like brass or brushed copper, which is the most popular, they are all basically the same shape and design. 

These angled brackets are about 3/4" thick and they are about 1 1/2" tall by 1 1/2" in width.  When spacing out a church pew, its a bit different than spacing out church chairs believe it or not. The majority of churches have sort of a rectangle shape in design and generally you will want the spacing between the pews to be roughly 12". Its called the egress,  the area from the end of the lip of the pew to the top of the back of the pew in front of it. Now this will actually leave about 24" of walking space taking into account the angles of the pew backs and seat. You will find this in more conventional styles church pews. 

When mounting the angled pew brackets you will typically want to place two brackets on each leg of the leg, from the inside. You will want to use wood screws that are durable enough to go through solid wood bases like oak. Generally when you purchase the pew brackets form a church furniture dealer, they do not come with the screws, you will purchase these from a local hardware store.   When placing the brackets onto the pew try to mount them about an inch from the edges for the best support as shown in the photo to the left here. This will anchor the pew to the floor to prevent it from moving when your walking into the pew, standing up or sitting down. 

If your a church that wants to have a company either install the pew for you or if your in the market for church pews I recommend working with Auburn Church Supply. They have an online form to fill out and they will gladly work with you one on one on new church pews should your church wan to go that route and I recommend them as a source for new pews.

If your in the market for the best deal on a pew bracket then I recommend trying Heavenly Pulpits as they have them for about $.071 each, plus if you need an odd number say 78, you can purchase just 78. McKay Church Furniture also offer them but at a higher price of $1.58 each and you can only purchase them in packs of 100.