Church Furniture Restoration

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So after looking around online your church has decided to keep the existing church furniture and get a few more years of life before making the grand plunge into the new church furniture market. Restoring your existing church furniture can be a good idea in the short term, it may allow you to keep it for another 5-10 years. However, sometimes restoring your furniture can be as much as purchasing new pieces like pulpits. 

Refinishing used Church Furniture at Blue Ridge Furniture
Several furniture companies will take your existing furniture and strip the stain, replace it with new costs of your desired color, put in new fabrics and even re-screw worn out joints if needed. The task at hand sounds simple enough but it takes a lot longer to do a job like that because of the massive amount of labor that goes into it.  Depending on your furniture items it might be cost effective, it might not, it really depends per item or group of items you want to restore. If its a simple new cost of stain and a reupholster job, then the costs will be cheaper than buying new, but if your wanting to strip the stain, re-sand and put new stain on the furniture, its gonna run you a lot more than you would think. Church Pew restoration is much less expensive than pulpit furniture the reason being that pews are generally a lot less detailed in design than a pastors chair or pulpit. Places like Church Furniture1 offer great deals on restoring your church pews which can not only save money but extend the life of the pews in the church. Because its such a small market you will find more places that simply sell new furniture than offer restoration, although to a church with a limited budget it may be the way to go. 

ChurchPewRepair by Carpets of Bassett  pew restoration example
ChurchFurniture1 offers a pulpit furniture restoration program that takes your existing pieces and restores them to a more updated look. Most pulpit sets are easily movable so the pieces can generally be shipped or picked up and worked on in their factory. Pews on the other hand are large and clunky so places like Church Pews Repair will come to you instead, its just more cost effective that way. 

Here are a couple of things to think about if your going the way of refinishing your church furniture. 

  • Think about how long you will want to keep your furniture. 5 years or less, you might want to consider new pieces, 10 years or more, then you will want to choose this route
  • Cost. Is it cheaper to buy a new communion table or pulpit than to strip the old ones and restore them? the best thing to do is to try places like ChurchFurniture1 and find a similar matching piece, then price it out. Then get a rough cost on restoring your existing pieces and weight them out. 
  • Timing. If timing is important rather than funds, ask yourself if you can live without your furniture for more than 6 weeks. If you can then great. If you can't, consider buying new stocked items. Stocked church furniture is furniture that's already made up taking just a few weeks to deliver, made to order furniture companies will make the pieces as the order come in, taking 6-8 weeks or more to deliver. Its something you need to think about. 
  • Also what is the condition of your existing set? Does it wiggle or shift slightly when you sit in it? Are the arms getting worn too thinly? Sometimes restoration companies can fix these things, for an added charge of course, sometimes they cant do anything about it at all. You would have to show the companies photos, etc. 
  • You can also check out places that offer church furniture that's already restored. If so I would recommend trying Commercial Refinishers, they offer just that very thing. They take old pews and restore them, then sell them on the used market. 
  • if your wanting to sell your used church furniture, then I recommend reading up on the article I wrote about used church furniture prices.